The Council’s Professional Staff Committee is composed of a professional staff representative from each of the nine locals. The members of the committee meet periodically to discuss mutual concerns, gather information related to negotiations and other suggestion for demands for upcoming negotiations. The Committee is chaired by the Professional Staff Representative to the Council, who is a member of the Council’s Executive Board. The chair is elected bi-annually by the full Council.

Council Staff Liaisons: Debra Davis, Sr. Staff Representative

Meetings: As needed, called by Chair.


Committee members have worked on the following projects:

  • Assisted locals in conducting professional staff membership campaigns & seminars.
  • Visited campuses requesting help to assist with recruiting drives.
  • Prepared a recruitment brochure.
  • Studied jobs that are the same across campuses with a view to getting information to support reclassifications for those whose classification is significantly lower than their peers but who have similar job descriptions. Example: Athletic Trainer, a job that varies little from campus to campus, but has carried a wide range of titles.
  • Studied the Program Assistant title is order to get upgrades to PSS IV or AD IV. This title, at Range 16, is the lowest one in the unit and is used in a very arbitrary way on some campuses. It is also the only unit title which is not part of a title series. Its job specification is not significantly different from that of PSS IV. During the last negotiations, the Union demanded that this title be abolished. If this ere done, incumbents would be moved to PSS IV (Range 18) or AD IV (Range 20).
  • Discusses how best to secure professional staff promotions.
  • Provided ideas for local negotiations on professional staff issues such as retraining, reclassification procedures, performance-based promotions, No Limit (NL), etc. This was done primarily by the exchange of locally negotiated agreements.
  • Conducted surveys to determine the extent of key problems. There is also a Council survey of job satisfaction ("Professional Staff Job Satisfaction in New Jersey State Colleges").
  • Surveyed the distribution of titles and types of contracts (annual v. multi-year) on the various campuses. These studies have demonstrated that some campuses title distribution is weighted toward low range titles while others are the opposite and that turnover varies considerably from campus to campus.
  • The Professional Staff Committee worked diligently on demands for the 2015-2019 contract.

Professional Staff Committee Members

NJ City University - Queen Gibson (Chair) (201) 200-3011

Thomas Edison State University

Charlene Martucci
(609) 777-5696 ext. 2203

Stockton University

Stacey Rose
(609) 226-5836

Kean University

Walter Mack
(908) 737-3293

Rowan University

Jonathan Foglein
(856) 256-5456

Montclair State University

Alex Sperling
(973) 655-3349

The College of NJ  
NJ City University

Queen Gibson
(201) 200- 3011

William Paterson University

Shari Selke
(973) 720-2227

Ramapo College

John Atti
(201) 684-7055