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Generic title: Assistant Director I
Local title: Director of Career Planning and Placement
Incumbent Name: J. Smith


Under the supervision of a Vice President or other supervisor, Career Planning and Placement, is responsible for developing and maintaining career planning and placement services, including counseling and providing these services to students and alumni; does related work as required.

Examples of Work

  • Manages the Office of career Planning and Placement, which may include Women's Resources and Referral Services, the Clearinghouse of Educational Resources and the Volunteer/Internship Program.

  • Coordinates Women's Resources and Referral Services for a State College/University.

  • Supervises the maintenance of the Clearinghouse of Educational Resources.

  • Coordinates the Volunteer/Internship Program within a State College/University.

  • Trains and coordinates work of clerical staff.

  • Organizes and supervise outreach and publicity for the Office of Community Programs and other offices to provide the necessary services to State College/University students.

  • Advises students on the preparation of credentials, with special emphasis on preparation of individual resumes.

  • Implements policies and procedures that update and improve placement services on campus and creates an atmosphere of acceptance among area employers.

  • Conducts career conferences, seminars and workshops. Places emphasis on the unique needs of nontraditional students whose number is continually increasing.

  • Provides bulletins of information and applications for examinations and tests that are requirements for career positions or for graduate schools and for counseling and advising students concerning the examinations and tests, their value and importance and their place in career planning.

  • Maintains and collates directories of employers in al career fields so that students may accurately contact the proper official of an organization for applications or interviews.

  • Provides materials and information for students interested in employment outside the continental United States.

  • Provides the interviewers with the opportunity to review videotaped interview sessions conducted by leading employer representatives.

  • Provides part-time and summer placement services.

  • Secures and collates published materials of individual firms, companies and corporations, State and federal government agencies, schools, colleges and universities, describing their organizations and their career opportunities.

  • Prepares and publishes regular notices of available career positions.

  • Develops and maintains a comprehensive library of career information in the residence hall as well as in the central office.

  • Secures and collates published materials of colleges and universities throughout the United States, describing programs of graduate study.

  • Protects the confidentiality of college placement credentials and plans a security system, which permits only authorized personnel to have access to these documents.

  • Consults with prospective employers interested in discussing the credentials and qualifications of candidates for career positions.

  • Compiles data concerning definite career plans of graduating seniors and graduate seminars.

  • Conducts follow-up of graduates after their first year of employment in a career position, to secure the employer's evaluation of performance on-the-job; and to provide the College/University with information concerning the effectiveness of college preparation of graduates.

  • Compiles follow-up data, preparing reports, and making these reports available to all divisions and departments of the College/University for use in refining and strengthening college/university programs.



Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Master's degree in counseling and guidance, adult education or related field.


Five years of experience in the field of Career Planning and Placement or Adult Education.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of current principles and methodologies in the Career Planning and Placement field.

  • Knowledge of the College/University organization and structure, which impacts on the effective implementation of the Career Planning and Placement Program.

  • Knowledge of the laws and federal legislation that impact on Career Planning and Placement.

  • Knowledge of financial aid and placement resources for undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Ability to effectively administer a Career Planning and Placement Program that meets the needs of students and alumni.

  • Ability to supervise clerical and student staff members.

  • Ability to coordinate programs with other administrative offices at the College/University.

  • Ability to direct the development of programs designed to meet the needs of nontraditional students.

  • Ability to develop and administer a procedure that insures confidentiality of student records.

  • Ability to provide and interpret statistical data and analyze their impact on the Career Planning and Placement Services.

  • Ability to develop positive relationships with agencies, schools and corporations for placement purposes.

  • Ability to assume a leadership role in initiating workshops and courses at the College/University that will aid the student in the career planning phase.

  • Knowledge of postsecondary education and nontraditional education.

  • Ability to plan, organize and implement programs and services related to career planning.

  • Ability to work with adult learners and accommodate the specific needs of adult learners.

  • Ability to assume responsibility for multiple tasks and organize time efficiently.

  • Ability to read, write, speak, understand or communicate in English sufficiently to perform the duties of this position. American Sign Language or Braille may also be considered as acceptable forms of communication.

  • Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long as they can perform the essential functions of the job after reasonable accommodations made to their known limitations. If the accommodation cannot be made because it would cause the employer undue hardship, such persons may not be eligible.

U-26 (Range 26)