Article XVII-Librarians - State-Union AgreementLibrarian Committee

Membership: One member from each local

Chairperson: Librarian Representative to the Council

Staff Liaison: Steve Young (Click on name to send email)

Meetings: As needed, called by the Chairperson.


In the past, the Committee members have worked on the following:

  • Over a period of two years, 1992-1994, gathered data in support of the Title Reevaluation of the in-unit librarian titles. Each member was responsible for providing local job descriptions, suggesting changes in them and reviewing the job specifications that were prepared by Staff. Some members undertook to write portions of the narratives that supported the reevaluation and developed a nodding acquaintance with the Hay Job Evaluation System. Several members did a tremendous amount of work. A number of librarians made arrangements for the Council to conduct detailed interviews and to visit work sites to better understand the librarians' duties and responsibilities.

  • Conducted surveys regarding use of librarian titles on the various campuses, credentials required for certain titles, promotion activity, working conditions, etc.

  • Review Librarian content in State-Union Agreement and make suggestions for new demands.

  • In 2003-2007 contract negotiations, moved a step closer to restoration of full faculty status. There is now a complete set of concurrent academic ranks for librarians: Professor in the Library, Associate Professor in the Library, Assistant Professor in the Library and Instructor in the Library. Except for the Instructor/ Librarian III, all Librarian titles were upgraded by two salary ranges on July 1, 2004.

  • In 2007-2011 contract negotiations achieved a required Range Adjustment Program at each College/University. Full-time librarians who meet or exceed the merit-based criteria established for range adjustments are eligible to be considered for and may apply for a range adjustment within rank. Previously the Range Adjustment Program was limited to faculty. Librarians are now eligible for range adjustments as follows: 



    10 Month

    12 Month

    State College/University Payroll Title

    Concurrent Academic Rank



    Assistant Director of the Library

    Professor in the Library

    28, 30, 32 & 33

    31, 33 & 35

    Librarian I

    Associate Professor in the Library

    26, 28 & 29

    29, 31 & 32

    Librarian II

    Assistant Professor in the Library

    22, 24 & 25

    26, 27 & 28

    Librarian III

    Instructor in the Library

    19, 20 & 21

    22 & 23

We welcome your suggestions and advice on issues affecting Librarians. Please contact any of the committee members below to provide your input.

Committee Members

CHAIR - Faye Robinson
(856) 256-4500 X 4966

NJCU - Patrick Shalhoub
(201) 200-3470

Stockton - David Lechner
(609) 652-4324
Kean - Eleanor McKnight
(908) 737-4621
Ramapo - Leigh Keller
(201) 684-
Rowan - Jonathan Jiras
(856) 256-
MSU - Bill Vincenti
(973) 655-
TCNJ - Maureen Gorman
) 771-2263
WPUNJ - Bob Wolk
(973) 720 2289

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