A.      Each State College/University shall have a sabbatical leave program for its full-time, tenured faculty members (including Demonstration Teachers and Demonstration Specialists at the A.H. Moore School) and librarians who, as of June 30 prior to the year for which the leave is requested, have completed a period of six (6) or more years of service.  Sabbatical leaves shall be in half year leaves granted to those applicants with meritorious applications as evaluated pursuant to the procedures at each College/University and no more than once every seven years.  At each College/University two (2) half year leaves may be combined into one (1) full year leave.

Application may be made for the purpose of pursing a substantial project designed to yield publishable results and/or enhance competency as a scholar or teacher.  Sabbatical leaves may also be granted for the pursuit of an accredited terminal degree program in an appropriate field of study and/or such other criteria that may be established by the College/University.

Locally negotiated or accepted procedures shall be followed in the implementation of the Sabbatical Leave program.  To the extent that a College/University has a locally negotiated or accepted procedure, those procedures shall remain in full force and effect until such time as a change is negotiated.  If no locally negotiated agreement is reached then changes, if any, shall be made in accordance with the New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act and its governing regulations.  If no locally negotiated or accepted procedure exists, the local Union and the College/University shall negotiate a procedure for the Sabbatical Leave program in accordance with the New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act and its governing regulations.

B.  Terms of Sabbatical Leave

  1. Half-year leaves shall be at the rate of full salary.

  2. Full-year leaves shall be at the rate of three quarters (3/4) salary.

  3. For librarians, half-year leaves shall be five (5) months, and full-year leaves ten (10) months.

  4. The period of the leave shall be credited for increment purposes, where such credit is relevant.

  5. A faculty member or librarian on sabbatical leave shall be entitled to the continuation of pension and insurance programs benefits as provided in the applicable plans.

  6. Each faculty member or librarian accepting a leave must sign a written statement obligating him or her to continue to serve for at least one (1) year after expiration of the term of the leave, unless waived by the President of the College/University.

  7. Faculty members or librarians on such leave are permitted to receive additional compensation in the form of fellowships, government grants, and honoraria for purposes related to the leave and part-time employment directly related to the project at an institution where they are in residence for the purpose of study and research in addition to the partial salary from the College/University, provided that total compensation from all sources does not exceed such faculty members’ full salary at the College/University. The leave may not be used to accept paid employment during the period of the leave except as provided above.