A. Department Chairpersons shall be recommended for appointment by election by the members of the department. Upon election, the recommendation for appointment shall be forwarded to the President who may consult with the Dean on the recommendation. The usual term of service for a department chair shall be three (3) academic years. In the event individuals from outside the department are to be nominated, the Faculty Committee and all voting members of the department shall be provided with comprehensive, relevant information regarding those candidates’ qualifications.

B. In the event that the President rejects an elected individual, the President or his/her designee shall provide the reasons to the department no later than thirty (30) days after date of the election. The department will then hold another election as soon as practicable.

C. The Faculty Committee referred to above shall consist of five (5) members of the involved department elected by the membership of the department, unless the involved department consists of five (5) or fewer members, in which case the Faculty Committee shall consist of all the members of the involved department.

D. Terms of office begin on July l. Elections occur in the spring of the preceding academic year and shall normally be completed by April 30.

E. The College/University shall provide the Department Chairperson and faculty within the department a copy of the job description of the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson position. The local UNION shall be provided with a copy of the Chairperson’s duties and responsibilities. At least one semester’s notice shall be provided to the local UNION of any anticipated modifications to any existing chairperson job description or of any newly created chairperson job description where they do not presently exist.

F. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to limit the right of a President to appoint an acting department chairperson should a vacancy occur for any reason pending the completion of the procedures set forth.

G. This Article does not apply to Thomas A. Edison State College, Stockton State College, or part-time employees.