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Tim Haresign, President

Council Endorses Candidates for
November 2018 Elections

Urges Active Support for Key Candidates

These mid-term elections are perhaps the most critical in our nation’s history as they will determine whether the notorious Trump administration will have two more years to solidify its anti-higher education, anti-labor, anti-public employee, pro-corporate agenda.  Whatever issues that concern you—support for public education, the fight for $15 per hour, universal affordable health care, student debt relief, women’s and civil rights, the Supreme Court etc. the choice could not be clearer.   

New Jersey is a critical arena in this struggle because there are four Congressional districts where pro-labor Democrats are in a strong position to win Republican-controlled seats: Jeff Van Drew in District 2, Andy Kim in District 3, Tom Malinowski in District 7 and Mikie Sherrill in District 11.

Imagine the difference it would make on the national scene if New Jersey voters alone were responsible for flipping four Republican seats!

In District 5, one term Democratic incumbent Josh Gottheimer needs all the support he can get to retain his seat in a district that has leaned Republican in the past.

Furthermore, New Jersey has been blessed with incumbent Democratic Congresspersons including Don Norcross (District 1), Josh Gottheimer (District 5), Frank Pallone (District 6), Albio Sires (District 8), William Pascrell (District 9), Donald Payne (District 10), and Bonnie Watson-Coleman (District 12), with stellar voting records on legislation tracked by the AFT and the AFL- CIO. They have also earned your vote. 

Some may question our endorsement of Senator Menendez.  Notwithstanding the corruption issues surrounding him, Bob Menendez has a solid record of supporting the legislative agenda of the American Federation of Teachers and National AFL-CIO.  Unlike his Republican challenger, he can be counted on to defend Social Security and Medicare, support labor’s right to organize and bargain collectively and advocate for a tax system in which the wealthy and corporate elites pay their fair share.  His progressive record on these and other issues extends back to his years in Congress and the New Jersey Legislature.

Risking the loss of a Democratic seat in the US Senate to a pro-Trump Republican is simply not an option.  If you have any doubts, consider Menendez’s support for Obama’s Supreme Court nominations and his opposition to Trump’s.   

As you can see, there are also some special legislative elections and many local races where you can make a difference.

Please know that all these candidates have been vetted and endorsed by the NJ AFL-CIO as well as AFT NJ State Federation and your Council of New Jersey State College Locals.             

United States Senate

Robert Menendez (D)

US Congress

District 1
Donald Norcross (D) challenger

District 7
Tom Malinowski (D) challenger

District 2
Jeff Van Drew (D) challenger

District 8
Albio Sires (D) incumbent

District 3
Andy Kim (D) challenger

District 9
William Pascrell (D) incumbent

District 4
No endorsement

District 10
Donald Payne (D) incumbent

District 5
Joshua Gottheimer (D) challenger

District 11
Rebecca “Mikie” Sherrill l (D) challenger

District 6
Frank Pallone (D) incumbent

District 12
Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) incumbent

Special Elections for State Legislature

Senate -District 38
Joe Lagana (D)


District 15
Verlina Reynolds Jackson (D)*
Anthony Verrilli (D)*+

District 34
Britnee Timberlake (D)*

District 22
Linda Carter (D)*

District 36
Clinton Calabrese (D)

District 32
Pedro Mejia (D)*

District 38
Lisa Swain (D)*
Chris Tully (D)

New Jersey State AFL-CIO
Labor Candidates

* indicates incumbent

Alice Weisman* AFSCME 63 East Windsor Board of Education
Vince Sera* AFSCME 71 Brigantine Council
Richard DiLucia AFSCME 1199C Monroe Mayor
Michael Heller AFT 1904 Bloomfield Board of Education
Domenick Stampone* AFT 2375 Haledon Mayor
Patti Harris* CWA 1014 Barrington Council
Collette Kennedy CWA 1031 Keyport Mayor
Jason Allen* CWA 1033 Pemberton Committee
Victoria Fisher* CWA 1037 Teaneck Board of Education
Shawn Ludwig CWA 1038 Barrington Council
Teresa Kelly* CWA 1040 Buena Vista Committee
Harold Pye* CWA 1085 Woodbury Heights Council
Frank Rollo HFIAW 14 Clayton Council
Brendan O'Donnell* IAFF 3786 North Hanover Committee
Ira Stern* IAMAW 447 Piscataway Board of Education
Ronald Rios* IAMAW TCU Middlesex County Freeholder
Peter Castellano* IAMAW/NFFE 1340 Egg Harbor Township Board of Education
Nathan Mellor IBB 13 Delanco Committee
Matt Oswald* IBEW 102 Riverdale Council
Vincenzo Petti* IBEW 102 Bound Brook Council
John Biale* IBEW 164 Oakland Council
Bert Steinmann* IBEW 269 Ewing Mayor
Giuseppe Chila IBEW 351 Gloucester County Surrogate
Donald Norcross* IBEW 351 Congressional District 1 Congress
William Sneathen IBEW 351 Buena Vista Board of Education
Kevin Egan* IBEW 456 New Brunswick City Council
Charles Spicuzzo IBEW 456 Spotswood Council
Ken Haeser* IBEW 827 Weymouth Township Council
Mike Riordan IBEW 827 Brigantine Council
Shawn Judson IBEW 1289 Lacey Committee
Sam Fennell IBEW 1820 South Toms River Council
Josh Hertzberg ILA 1804-1 Sussex County Freeholder
Atif Nazir* IUOE 68 Piscataway Board of Education
Mark Armbruster IUOE 542 Clementon Council
Katie Gibbs IUOE 825 Burlington County Freeholder
David Schlick* IUPAT 711 Little Egg Harbor Township Committee
Amber Gesslein LIUNA /Eastern Region  Monmouth County Freeholder
Frank Formica SAG/AFTRA  Atlantic County Freeholder
Daniel O'Connell SMART/UTU  Delran Council
Greg Handshy UA 9 South Toms River Mayor
Richard Kanka* UA 9 Hamilton Board of Education
David Hessler UA 24 Clark Council
Roshan White UA 24 Scotch Plains Council
Art Schenker* UA 322 Hamilton Committee
Greg Schenker* UA 322 Folsom Council
George Youngkin UA 855 Burlington County Freeholder
Angela Bardoe UAW 2327 Pittsgrove Committee
Anthony Verrelli* UBC 254 LD 15 Assembly
Eric Aiken* UBC 255 Hamilton Township Board of Education
Aaron Buchanan* UBC 255 Estell Manor Council
Thomas Kurtz UBC 255 Port Republic Council
Matthew Marrone UBC 255 Chesilhurst Council
Brett Rowand UBC 255 Woodstown Committee
Steven Reyngoudt UFCW 2-D Hasbrouck Heights Council
Robert Damminger* USW 943 Gloucester County Freeholder

Other Friends of Higher Education and Labor

Manny Figueirdo* Union Township Committee

Michelle Delsifort* Union Township Committee

Andrew Dixon - (a National AFT organizer, a member of our Rowan & TCNJ AFT locals- PA House of Representatives 29th District



The stakes have never been higher.