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Tim Haresign, President

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Here’s Why You Should Join the Union


IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH - A Union that attracts the support of an overwhelming majority of employees is a strong union that will be more effective in fighting for your rights at the bargaining table, in the grievance procedure and in the political arena. Conversely, a Union with weak support will have difficulty doing right by its members.

YOUR UNION GET RESULTS - The Union is your voice and your advocate in the workplace. The salaries and benefits you enjoy are the product of collective action. Should your contractual rights be violated, the Union stands ready to file grievances on your behalf and if necessary take your grievance to binding arbitration. Without Union representation, your terms and conditions of employment are subject to the whim of management. Here today, diminished or gone tomorrow.

YOU ARE THE UNION – American Federation of Teachers (AFT) locals are autonomous. Your leadership is democratically elected by your colleagues. Faculty, librarians and professional staff are equally represented. Participation by women, and racial and ethnic minorities is strongly encouraged.

DUES ARE NOT EXPENSIVE - By law, all employees are required to pay "agency fee" i.e. a representation fee to the Union amounting to 85% of full dues. For a few dollars more per pay period, you become a full member of the Union with the right to vote for union officers, run for union office, vote on contract ratification, participate in local negotiations etc.

AFT MEMBERS RECEIVE SPECIAL BENEFITS - AFT offers member benefits ranging from advantageous home mortgage programs and insurance plans to discounts on hotels, car rentals, books etc. It pays to belong.

If you never filled out and returned an “Authorization to Withhold Union Dues” card you are not a member. If you have any doubt as to your full membership status, please call your campus AFT Local or the Council office at 908-964-8476.

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Please fill out the card, print it and return it to your campus AFT local, or mail, Fax (908-688-9330), or pdf it back to this office at: CNJSCL, 1435 Morris Ave. Suite 3A, Union, NJ 07083.

It is not every day that you can help yourself and your colleagues with the stroke of a pen.