Rowan University


September 2, 2003




  The University and the Union jointly recognize the desirability of encouraging unit members to apply for promotional opportunities and professional advancement whenever any (non-managerial, full-time, part-time or temporary) unit positions are authorized to be filled.

I. Definition:

For the purposes of this agreement, promotional opportunity is defined as occurring as a result of:

1. The creation of an additional position, i.e., a position added because of additional work load, or a position or title added that has not existed before at the University, or

2. A vacancy caused by death, resignation or transfer.

II. Eligibility:

A. Professional staff in the unit may apply for a promotional opportunity if:

1. The position carries a higher salary range designation than the range designation of the position currently held by the applicant:

2. The applicant currently occupies a position not funded under the regular state budget regardless of current salary range;

3.  The open position represents a lateral transfer, i.e., movement from one position to another position at the same or lower range.  

B. Individuals serving on the Peer Review Committee shall not be eligible to apply for promotion.

C. Unit members who are hired on a temporary basis and who, because of extenuating circumstances, do not go through the promotional opportunity/peer review process, would be held in abeyance for promotional consideration until other eligible unit applicants are considered for promotional opportunities.

D. Faculty in the bargaining unit may apply for promotional opportunities and will   be considered as internal candidates only after any/all professional staff candidates have been considered.

III. Procedures:

Building upon language of ARTICLES XI, XIV and XVI of the State/Union agreement, the following procedures shall obtain:

1. Announcement and Application

1.1 Announcement by the President/designee of the availability of promotions shall activate the promotion and Professional Staff Review Committee process.   Announcements will be distributed via email and  each in-unit professional staff member will be included in the distribution list.

1.2 Professional Staff may apply for the announced promotions within ten (10) calendar days of the announcement.

1.3 All applicable equal opportunity employment policies and practices of the University apply to this program.

1.4 Application

1.41 A Professional Staff candidate seeking promotion shall prepare a self-evaluation based on criteria specified in Section 5, including a copy of his/her present job description as part of the application.  Seven copies of all materials shall be submitted.

1.42 The application may be accompanied by any substantiating document that the individual cares to submit.

1.43 All materials will be submitted to the chairperson of the Professional Staff Peer Review Committee who will check candidates for eligibility to apply for the position.

2. Procedures

2.1 The procedures for promotional consideration shall be fairly and equitably applied to all applicants.

2.2 Within two (2) days after receipt of the final recommendation of the Peer Review Committee, an applicant may initiate a grievance concerning the application based upon an allegation that, after timely filing of his or her application, the promotional procedure was violated or there was a breach of the rights of the applicant as set forth in Article II of the State/Union Agreement concerning discrimination or in Article V concerning academic freedom.  Such a claim, if sustained, will result in reprocessing of the application on an expedited basis.

3. Peer Review

3.1 A member of the professional staff will be elected as Chairperson of the Peer 

Review Process for the year (the election will be conducted by the members of the professional staff group).

3.2 As positions become available requiring a search, the chairperson of the Peer Review Process will consult with the appropriate manager where the opening occurs (usually the director or 2nd level supervisor) to determine the kind of knowledge and expertise required/desired for the position and solicit suggestions on possible in-unit committee members to serve on the Peer Review Committee.

3.3 Following this consultation, the chairperson of the Peer Review Process will recruit four (4) or five (5) in-unit members to serve on the Peer Review Committee for the internal search process.  (Note: five members would be recruited if the chairperson would not be serving on the committee.) By mutual agreement, the unit manager may assist in the recruitment process or recruit the members him/herself.  These in-unit members should reflect the area (s) of expertise for the position being searched and should include at least one (1)member from the office/department where the vacancy occurs (if possible).  Upon mutual agreement, in-unit faculty may serve on the Search Committee.  

4. Peer Review Committee Procedures

4.1 The Peer Review Committee shall review all applications in accordance with the criteria outlined below in Section 5.  Priority consideration will be given to professional staff who have participated in the Retraining and Professional Development Program.

4.2 Decisions of the committee will be made by secret ballot.

4.3 Prior to the committee's completing its review of applications, a candidate for promotion may request and shall receive an appearance before the committee.

4.4 Those recommended for promotion by the Peer Review Committee will be listed in alphabetical order. Applications of all candidates interviewed by the Peer Review Committee will be forwarded to the appropriate manager, dean or division head. 

4.5 The Peer Review Committee shall complete its work and make recommendations within fifteen (15) calendar days of the closing date for applications (if possible).

4.6 The Committee shall indicate its recommendations in a letter to the appropriate manager, dean or division head and simultaneously inform all candidates of its recommendations.

4.7 The Committee will meet with any candidate not recommended who so requests and provide reasons for non-recommendation.

(Note:  The in-unit Peer Review Committee will review any/all internal applicants prior to the formation of the External Search Committee as described in Section 8.) 

5. Criteria

5.1 Criteria will relate to factors measuring qualifications for the position, past performance, professional growth and expertise, efficiency, and effectiveness in carrying out job responsibilities.

5.2 The major criteria shall be:

5.21 Academic preparation or professional experience related to the position description.

5.22 High quality of performance in the area of assigned responsibilities, e.g., as evidenced by evaluations, endorsements, testimonials, or other supporting documentation.

5.23 Professional contributions and scholarly activities appropriate to professional staff, e.g., publications, presentations, leadership/membership in relevant professional organizations.

5.24 Additional academic preparation as evidenced by advanced degrees or other relevant course work.

5.25 Participation in professional, university, and community affairs.

5.26 Additional professional training other than academic preparation, e.g., seminars, workshops, continuing education units, in-service training programs.

 6. Administrative Review

6.1 The division head shall take into consideration the recommendations of the Peer 

Review Committee, including recognition of the applicant's participation in the Retraining and Professional Development Program.

6.2 Should the division head decide to make a recommendation which is inconsistent with the recommendations of the Peer Review Committee, the division head /designee shall meet with the Peer Review Committee if requested to do so by the committee and shall provide the candidate with written reasons for the action.

7. Campus-wide and External Search Procedures:

If no candidate is recommended by the Peer Review Committee or division head for promotion to a new or vacant position, the University may re-open the search.  This can include reopening the search to other employees from other units on campus. The procedures for the search are set forth in section 8, the criteria, in section 9 of this Agreement.

8. External Search Procedure

8.1 Search Committee

8.11 The five (5) in-unit search committee members will remain on the external search committee.  The division head or appropriate manager may appoint two additional members to the external search committee (in-unit or out-of-unit).

8.12 The members of the external search committee will elect a member of the committee to serve as chair for the external search process.

8.2 The appropriate supervising dean or appropriate administrative officer of the organizational unit where the position vacancy has occurred will:

- serve as a repository for all applications,

- advertise the position, and

- provide any support services that may be needed to  effectuate the       search.

8.3 Internal candidates who had previously applied for the position vacancy as a promotional opportunity may resubmit their application for consideration along with all other external candidates.

8.4 After receipt of initial applications and preliminary screening by the committee as a whole, the director of the office where the vacancy occurs, or appropriate administrator with the help of two committee members selected by the committee chair, shall be responsible for checking references and credentials of the candidates.

8.5 The search committee will conclude the search process within one month after the closing date for the receipt of applications except in unusual circumstances and with the prior agreement of the appropriate divisional head.

8.6 The search committee shall notify the appropriate supervising dean or equivalent administrative officer at the conclusion of the search process of the finalists being recommended for consideration by all subsequent levels of administrative review.


9. Criteria for the Campus-wide/External Search

The criteria applied in the external search process will be the qualifications set forth in the position description and shall include evidence of the candidate's academic preparation, professional experience, and professional activities, e.g., publications, presentations, leadership/membership in relevant professional organizations.


_________________                     _____________________

Robert Zazzali           Stanley Urban, Negotiator

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs 



This local agreement describes the process for filling AFT unit professional staff positions on campus. When a position becomes available (either through attrition or the creation of a new position), it is posted for a 10-day period on campus for eligible AFT unit professional staff as a promotional or professional (lateral) opportunity. A peer search committee is formed through consultation between the manager and an elected representative from the professional staff (who may or may not serve on the committee). This committee reviews any/all internal AFT unit applicants and may or may not recommend one for placement to the manager (multiple qualified applicants may be rank ordered).

If the position goes external, the peer committee would remain in place and the manager may add two additional members to the committee (in or out-of-unit). Prior internal applicants may remain in the pool, and the committee would again screen all applicants and make recommendations to the manager for placement.


1) The search committees are recommending committees, with eventual selection made by management.

2) Internal applicants must meet the qualifications for the position in order to be considered.

3) Under certain circumstances, positions may be filled on a temporary basis without a search, with the provision that there will be a search conducted at a later time.

4) Positions may be posted internally and externally simultaneously.

5) This agreement does not restrict management's right to transfer or reassign

employees to vacant or available positions and/or to keep positions vacant.