Thomas Edison College – PS Promotion

ARTICLE XVI “PROFESSIONAL STAFF” of the AFT Unit Agreement, Paragraph E, states in part: 

Full-time professional staff employees who meet or exceed the criteria for performance-based promotion are eligible to be considered for such promotions, which consist of advancement to the next higher title in the employee’s title series.

Thomas Edison State College commends the effort to recognize and reward consistently outstanding performance of its professional staff in support of educational services to the College’s adult students. Accordingly the following shall serve as the criteria and process for identifying and selecting staff for such’ recognition and reward via merit- based promotion.


Professional staff, currently serving in a multi-year agreement with the College, are eligible to submit information concerning themselves and their work-related activities as application for a Performance Based Promotion. The following shall serve as the evaluation criteria, and applications (which may be submitted either by employees themselves or by their supervisors) must clearly demonstrate relationship and support in areas A and B, below, as well as in either Area C or Area D. Area E is optional.

Applicants may, of course, address all four of the following areas if they so choose:

A.  Competence -Applicants must demonstrate and document the acquisition additional competencies (competencies that benefit the College and its mission) beyond those normally associated with the position.

B.   Performance -Applicants’ performance evaluations over the term of the last full multi-year contract shall indicate performance through ratings of a high level.  Applicants in four- or five-year multi-year contracts must have performance ratings at no lower than “satisfactory, meets or exceeds all requirements” in at least 3 of the last 5 years.

C.   College Service -Applicants must demonstrate and document service to the College over an extended period of time (a period of no less than five years). Documentation should cite activities well beyond those called for by the applicant’s normal job duties and that assist in the fulfillment of the overall mission of the College.  Such activities may include, but are not limited to, participation in the phonathon, special events, and/or representation of the College in other forums.

D.  Professional Growth -Applicants must demonstrate significant professional development in their field of work as it relates to support of the mission of the institution and enhanced service for the adult students of the College. An obvious example of professional development is further education in an area of study that relates to adult distance learning, advisement, Continuing education, etc.

E.   Other Information -Applicants are encouraged to include any other material that supports their candidacy and to relate all such information to address the primary mission of the College.


1.   Candidates must prepare an application package that will, minimally, include following areas:

A.  Service History Record -This section should provide dates of employment in each title held in the College and a brief description of the major emphasis of that position.

B.   Performance History Record -Must include copies of evaluations over the last five-year period and any other documents that support the contention of extended exemplary service.

C.   Narrative -This section should provide a cohesive Statement of how all portions of the applicant’s activities over a protracted period of time have provided exemplary service to the institution or its students.

D.  Summary -This section should bring the all parts of the application together in a concise, informative statement of support.

2.   A completed application package should be provided to the Divisional Vice President no later than September 15 of each year.

3.   A committee comprising designees appointed by the Divisional Vice Presidents and a human resources representative shall meet to review the merits of each application. Recommendations, stemming from a simple majority vote by members of the committee, of merit-based promotion shall be forwarded to the appropriate Vice President, who will then forward them to the President with an indication as to that Vice President’s concurrence or lack thereof The President shall then determine if any such promotion is warranted. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by November 20. The President’s decision in this matter is final.

Any professional staff member who receives a performance-based promotion as a result of this process shall not be eligible to apply for another performance-based promotion for a minimum of six years.