Thomas Edison State College Policy


Fee Waiver for Dependents



            Dependents of AFT- member employees of the College may enroll in undergraduate programs and have the Annual Enrollment, Application and Credit Transfer fees waived. Such employee dependents will, however, have to pay in-state tuition rates for DIAL courses, for testing, and for portfolio assessment.


            These dependents must also meet college admissions standards (e.g., they must be 21 years of age or older). A dependent is defined for these purposes as a spouse or a dependent child of an AFT member employed by the College for at least one year’s time.


Staff Tuition Waiver Program for AFT Members Wishing

to Undertake Thomas Edison State College Graduate Studies


The College supports the educational aspirations and achievements of the adult learner.  The offering of graduate-degree options at Thomas Edison State College presents significant opportunities for those who wish to further their education in support of their professional endeavors.  Two employees represented by the AFT may enter the program each fiscal year.

The following general guidelines present specifics of eligibility and outline the steps in the process for determining the granting of tuition waiver for graduate study.  These guidelines present only a general outline of practice.  They may be altered at the discretion of the President.    




1)      Candidates must be members of the AFT union; they must be full-time employees of the College; they must be on multi-year contracts; and they may not have already earned a graduate degree. 

2)      Candidates must have achieved at least a “satisfactory, meets or exceeds” rating on performance reviews for three of the last five years; they must abide by the same rules as regular MS students; and they must already hold a Bachelor’s Degree.

3)      Staff must complete the normal application process, and meet all prescribed requirements for admittance to the graduate program.

4)      Candidates must be willing to pay any graduation fee, and they must sign a letter of commitment to finish the program.




1)      Candidates shall apply for consideration by a five-member committee whose members will be nominated by the AFT president but appointed at the discretion of the President.  Members of the committee should be drawn from all three College divisions, and the Assistant Vice President for Administration and Finance, or his/her designee, shall serve the committee by certifying the validity of each candidate’s application.  The Executive Assistant to the President will also sit on the Committee.  Applicants must submit proof that they have met all criteria as outlined above.  In cases wherein more than two candidates have met all criteria, seniority shall be a determining factor.


2)      The assistant vice president for Graduate Studies shall advise the employee, in writing, of (a) acceptance or rejection to or from the program, and (b) final determination regarding tuition waiver, assuming acceptance into the program.


3)       Tuition Waiver, when approved, shall only apply toward the tuition cost of the program and shall not cover additional expenses such as application fee, textbooks and supplies, graduation fee, and other incidental costs.


4)         Academic policies and procedures for all Thomas Edison State College graduate students shall also apply to AFT-member students.  If such a student is dropped from a master’s degree program for academic or other reasons covered under program policy, the employee shall reimburse the College for all courses taken.


5)         In consideration of the investment made by the College, all staff afforded tuition waiver in this program must agree to continue in the employ of the College for a minimum of two (2) years following the date of graduation.  If they fail to do this, they must reimburse the College for the amount of tuition waived, prorated on such factors as actual length of time in the Master’s Degree Program and length of time elapsed between the end of studies and departure from the College, unless otherwise approved by the President. 







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