Rowan University




Article XVI, Section E of the master contract provides for performance-based promotions for full-time members of the professional staff.  It is expected that members of the professional staff will perform their duties and responsibilities at a high level on a consistent basis; performance-based promotions will be granted to a member of the professional staff for extra-ordinary performance that exceeds the normal expectations of his/her position over a sustained period of time.  Listed below are examples of the categories that will be considered when evaluating members of the professional staff for performance-based promotions:


1) A consistent record of extraordinary performance in the full range of the professional responsibilities over a sustained period of time as evidenced by documentation by  the candidate and supervisory comments and evaluations


2)   Evidence of significant professional and creative contribution that advance the mission of the office units, divisions, or college, or the University as identified in the articulated goals of the University


3)   A consistent and demonstrable record of positive working relationships within the office unit, department, college and/ or the University that contributes to the productive working environment of the University





Professional Staff who wish to apply for a performance-based promotion must send a request for consideration to their first level, out-of-unit supervisor no later than December 1, 2004.  Included in this request must be the following:


1) A letter detailing the accomplishments of the professional staff member and how he/she feels these accomplishments meet or exceed the examples of the criteria above


2)  Copies of the three (3) most recent performance evaluations from the supervisor 


3)   A minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation from individuals serving in a 

functional, working relationship with the candidate


4)   A current position description


The first level, out-of-unit supervisor will consult with his/her supervisor regarding the request.  Consultation will continue through all supervisory levels, with final determination regarding the performance-based promotion made by the President.  The professional staff member will be provided a copy of any/all written recommendations regarding his/her candidacy. In addition, candidates will have the right to provide written comment to his/her supervisor(s) at any point in the review process. Final determinations on performance-based promotion will be made by February 1, 2005.  If granted, the performanced-based promotion will take effect the following July 1.