Rowan University

AFT Local 2373





         Members of the bargaining unit who are not full-time teaching faculty and whose professional responsibilities require a variable work pattern, are categorized by Civil Service regulations as "NL" (no limit) employees.  The College and the Union recognize that such employees should be assured reasonable work load assignments and opportunity for professional growth.  To that end the College and the Union agree that:


1.      From time to time NL staff employees may be called upon to meet unusual work-

         time requirements.  In such event the affected employee may request from his/her

         immediate supervisor roughly comparable time off:


         a)      Past practice at the College ordinarily defines the work week as 35 hours

                  distributed over no more than 5 days.  If the work requirement of the job is

                  beyond the normal 35 hours per week, the affected individual may arrange to

                  receive roughly comparable time off.  Such arrangements shall not be on an

                  hour for hour basis nor shall there be cash compensation.


         b)     This comparable time may be taken within 60 days after the unusual work time

                  was expended unless otherwise agreed to by the affected employee and his/her

                  immediate supervisor.  In the event that the 60-day limit requires that

                  comparable time be made up during a period when the office work load is

                  heavier, such comparable time may be postponed to a period when that work

                  load is lighter.  However, comparable time must be taken within a year from the time the unusual work pattern occurred.


                  Arrangements for taking comparable time shall be mutually agreed to by the

                  affected employee and his/her immediate supervisor.


2.      The continued growth of unit employees is a desirable and recognized goal.

         Professional Staff members are encouraged to participate in activities that enhance

         their professional competency and knowledge.


         If an individual wishes to engage in such professional activities during regularly

         scheduled office hours, the employee shall consult with his/her immediate

         supervisor to see it the request can be granted.  If mutually satisfactory arrangements are made, roughly comparable time will be made up at a later date.


         Funds for activities which enhance professional growth shall be distributed in a

         manner determined by the employees in each office/department or similarly

         designated organizational unit.


         When employees are engaged in business relating to the general mission of the

         College, there shall be no requirement that time be made up.