Performance-Based Promotions Program For AFT Professional Staff

I. Article XVI E. of the July 1, 1999 – June 30, 2003 Agreement between the Council of New Jersey State College Locals, AFT, AFL-CIO and the State of New Jersey provides for performance-based promotions for professional staff who meet or exceed the criteria for such promotions which consist of advancement to the next higher title in the employee’s title series. This process is separate and apart from the reclassification procedure set forth in Article XVI, section G of the Agreement, and the annual and across the board salary adjustments mandated by Article XXI, sections A-F and H.

II. Criteria for Performance-Based Promotions

For the five-year period immediately preceding the Candidate’s application, the Candidate must clearly demonstrate and provide evidence of consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service through one or more of the following:

A. Consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service in support of the achievement of the College goals/mission.

B Consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service which contributes to building an effective and positive work environment that strengthens teamwork, mentors and supports colleagues, and that achieves a service-oriented approach to the work of the unit.

C. Consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service in the area of professional development, meaning professional development which is related to the candidate’s position and is evidenced by presentation at conferences and/or service as an officer in a state or national professional organization and/or the initiation of new projects and/or accepting additional unpaid responsibility for short-term special projects, and which development also leads to advanced skills and ability and enhances College operations.

D. Consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service (not necessarily job-related) that contributes to the campus life or the community.

III. Number of Opportunities and Guidelines

A. Opportunities

The President shall determine and announce to the College community the number of Performance Based Promotional opportunities for AFT Professional Staff. Promotions made in any fiscal year shall be subject to budget consideration and limitations as determined by the College President and the College Board of Trustees.

B. Guidelines

1.      The Calendar for Performance Based Promotions shall be developed by the College in consultation with the AFT Local 2274.

2.      The effective date for a performance-based promotion will be July 1, of the year following the award.

3.      Performance-Based promotions will be to the next higher title in the employee’s title series (e.g. Professional Service Specialist 3 to Professional Services Specialist 2). The next higher title for Program Assistant will be Professional Services Specialist 4.

4.      There is no probationary period in the new title.

IV. Eligibility for Performance-Based Promotion

To be eligible for a Performance-Based Promotion, a Professional Staff Member shall meet all the following requirements:

A. be a full-time Professional Staff employee on a multi-year contract as defined in Appendix I, Article 1, Section A of the Agreement, and be employed by the College at least eight consecutive years at the time that the award is granted. A year is defined as 12 consecutive months.

B. not be a member of the Professional Staff Performance-Based Promotion review process.

C. not have received a Performance Based Promotion within the last five years.

D. not have received a reclassification within the last three years.

E. Be self-nominated or be nominated by a Supervisor or colleague who is familiar with the candidate’s work.

F. If not promoted, and the candidate meets the eligibility and promotion criteria, the candidate shall be eligible to reapply the following year.

V. Application and Procedures

A. An eligible full-time Professional Staff member and/or the employee’s non-bargaining unit supervisor may submit an application for Performance-Based Promotion in accordance with the following procedures.

B. The application shall include:

1.      the current job description

2.      a self-assessment statement, no more than three pages, which illustrates how the candidate meets the criteria for promotion as described above.

3.      supporting documentation which demonstrates that the employee meets the criteria set forth above.

4.      The five most recent performance appraisals from the employee’s personnel file including the last multi-year appraisal.

5.      Support letter within the current contract period from members of the community attesting to exceptional and meritorious service, as set forth in the application.

C. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure the completeness of the application. Achievement shall be supported by documentation. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that written documentation exists for all claims of accomplishment. Hearsay and undocumented claims of achievement cannot be accepted. The candidate shall not have the right to submit additional information beyond the Supervisor’s level of review.

D. The application shall be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor who shall review the application to determine whether in his or her opinion, the employee meets the above criteria. The Supervisor should consult with the candidate and may make suggested revisions to the application. However, as noted above, the application shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant.

E. The Supervisor forwards all applications and his or her recommendation to the Professional Staff Review Committee. A copy of the recommendation should be forwarded to the candidate. If the recommendation is negative or qualified, the candidate may submit to the Committee a response to his/her Supervisor’s recommendation which shall be included in his/her application package.

F. After considering all applications the Committee provides the appropriate Division Vice President and/or his/her designee with the names of all meritorious qualified candidates. Candidates shall be informed of this decision. All applications shall be forwarded to the Division Vice President.

G. The Division Vice President reviews all applications, the recommendation of the Supervisor and Committee, and makes a recommendation to the President.

H. The President makes the final decision. The President may consult with the Vice President and any others before making a final decision.

I. The Applicant must receive a copy of any material that is added to the application packet by the Division Vice President and/or the President.

VI. Professional Staff Promotion Review Committee

A. Composition

The AFT Professional Staff Promotion Review Committee (hereinafter “the Committee”) shall be comprised of three (3) AFT Unit Professional Staff appointed annually by the AFT Executive Committee, a representative from the Affirmative Action Office, and Office of Employee Relations (both ex-officio) and two staff members in managerial title positions appointed annually by the President.

The American Federation of Teachers, Local 2274 (AFT Local) and the Ramapo College of New Jersey (College) hereby acknowledge that the Performance Based Promotions Program for AFT Professional Staff Program was adopted by the AFT Local at a duly convened meeting of its membership on November 6, 2002, and was approved by the College’s Board of Trustees at its December 4, 2002 Meeting.