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Structural Reclassification Review Process


Structural Reclassification Review Process for Non-Teaching Professional Staff (NTPS) (Affiliated with the SFT)

Non-teaching professional staff at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey have two methods of applying for a structural reclassification of his/her positions. The first allows for the manager or staff member to request a structural reclassification during the reappointment process pursuant to College Policy 6136 and in accordance with the College Personnel Calendar. Any employee may request that his/her supervisor review the duties of the position for audit at other times during the year.

In addition to these procedures, the Budget Unit Manager/Vice President may recommend that duties be added to the position of a staff member and request a structural reclassification. All such actions must follow the Personal Action Request (PAR) process.

A. Classification of Positions

1. The President will evaluate staff positions in accordance with the following procedure:

a) The managerial Personnel Action Request Committee (PARV) will evaluate and recommend to the President all proposed changes in the classification of positions and titles. The PARC shall include, but not be limited to, the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, who will assure that a technical review is performed which will be used to advise the Committee.

b) Requested changes to the Classification Plan and appropriate justification shall be submitted by a Budget Unit Manager, with approval of the appropriate Vice President, to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, who shall convene a meeting on a quarterly basis of the Personnel Action Request Committee.

2. The Associate Vice President for Human Resources or Divisional Vice President may request the PARC to consider a request to classify, reclassify a position, or to reevaluate a title, based on a current review of the duties and responsibilities assigned to that position.

a) An employee may request a change of title to his/her Divisional Vice President, based on the following criteria: the employee's duties and responsibilities have changed to the extent that they are no longer similar to the duties and responsibilities of other like positions; that the current title is no longer appropriate: that the organization structure has changed; or that the title ofhis/her position is not evaluated properly. The PARC shall review this request and recommend to the President that:

1. the position be reclassified.

2. a new title to accommodate the position should be established.

3. the title should be reevaluated.

4. duties being performed by this position be removed.

5. the position is appropriately classified

b) If the Division Vice President denies an employee's request for a reevaluation of his/her title, the employee shall have the right to appeal to the President. The President shall designate a human resource professional to conduct a classification review including an analysis of the written record and consultation with the appropriate Vice President. A recommendation shall be made to the President as a result of this review.

c) The President may accept, reject or modify this recommendation, and make a final determination.

B. Structural Reclassification Review Process for Non-Teaching Professional Staff (NTPS)

1. The submission of a reclassification packet by a member of the non-teaching professional (NTPS) shall activate the following Reclassification Review Process.

a) The immediate non-Unit supervisor shall review the packet with the employee on a timely basis.

b) The non-Unit supervisor will attach his/her comments to the request and allow the employee to review and respond, if wanted, in writing to these comments.

c) The supervisor shall then transmit the Reclassification packet with his/her comments and the employee's response, if any, to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.

d) The Associate Vice President for Human Resources shall review the document for its completeness and accuracy and transmit his/her assessment to the supervisor with a copy to the employee.

e) The employee shall respond to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources assessment. Any response shall be forwarded to the supervisor. The supervisor shall transmit the entire Reclassification Packet to the appropriate Divisional Vice President.

f) The appropriate Divisional Vice President will either:

1. Approve the Reclassification and take necessary measures for implementing it in accordance with established procedures, or

2. Disapprove the Reclassification and transmit to the employee in writing his/her decision with reasons for non-approval.

2. Contents of Reclassification Packet for AFT-Non-Teaching Professional Staff

a) Cover memo, justifying request for reclassification by indicating significant differences between previous and current responsibilities

b) Current job description

c) Proposed job description

d) Performance evaluation written by immediate non-Unit supervisor

e) Supporting documentation identifying key projects, major accomplishments, and letters of appreciation.

Complete, original packet of information and a table of organization shall be submitted to immediate non-Unit supervisor.

3. For members of the AFT bargaining unit, the completion of the process and transmission of a final determination will take place within ninety (90) days from the date of submission of the employee's application. Waivers of the deadline in particular cases may be agreed to by The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and the Stockton Federation of Teachers. Reasonable requests for waivers will be granted.