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Alternate Time-Off for Employees in Exempt "NL" (No-Limit) Titles

Alternate Time Off for Employees in Exempt "NL" (No Limit) Titles

Definition of"NL" (No Limit) Employee

An "NL" (No Limit) employee is one who, by past practice, works a variable work week or at least 35 hours per week and is not eligible for overtime payment.

I. Alternate Time Off Program

A. At the discretion of the first level supervisor, professional staff members in the AFT negotiating unit who meet unusual work time requirements, may be given either a flexible work schedule or alternate time off at the rate of hour for hour. 

 Alternate time off for each professional staff member ordinarily only accrues to a maximum of thirty-five hours. Once the professional staff member has attained thirty-five hours, the first level supervisor shall meet with the employee to schedule the time off. The supervisor, at his or her discretion, may meet with the professional staff member prior to the accrual of 35 hours of alternate time to schedule the time off.

The Professional staff member shall utilize time accrued between January 1 and June 30 by December 31 of the same calendar year and utilize time accrued between July 1 and December 31 by June 30 of the next calendar year.

The professional staff member shall give his or her supervisor as much notice as possible when making requests to utilize alternate time off. When a supervisor denies a request, he or she shall consult with the staff member to find a mutually acceptable time to schedule the alternate time off.

 An employee shall be required to schedule alternate time off in keeping with the needs of the work unit or department.

 A professional staff member shall not receive a cash payment of unused alternate time upon separation from employment.

 A professional staff member may not use alternate time as terminal leave. A professional staff member leaving the college must physically work at least one day after using alternate time.

 The college shall credit alternate time off upon internal transfer up to the maximum allowable time of 35 hours.

II. Reporting and Monitoring of Alternate Time Off

A. In accordance with Stockton Administration and Finance Memo 93-1, Attendance and Leave, written prior approval must be obtained for all unusual work time requirements from the first level supervisor.

 On a bi-weekly basis the first level supervisor shall report all approved and accumulated earned alternate time in writing to the budget unit head, with a copy to the employee.

 Budget Unit Heads will report all alternate time earned to payroll.

III. Professional Staff With Over 35 Hours of Alternate Time Off

Any professional staff member who currently has more than the allowable alternate time as indicated on the office time sheet shall have this time scheduled off as soon as possible after the signing of this agreement.