June 28, 2006

New Jersey City University Policy for AFT "NL" Employees

Those employees in the AFT bargaining unit and the “NL” category of employment (non-fixed work week) who meet unusual work time requirements may, at the discretion of the appointing authority, be compensated through either a provision for a flexible work schedule or a grant of comparable amounts of time off to a maximum of one hour for each hour of unusual work time

It is the policy of the University to grant hour for hour compensatory time off only when employees are required to work on a regularly scheduled day off.  For those with Monday through Friday schedules this means a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday.  Compensatory time will not be granted for work done as an extension of the regular work day except under extraordinary conditions which must be explained in advance and approved by the appropriate Vice President prior to the assignment on which the time is to be worked.

Compensatory time ordinarily shall be used within the calendar year in which it is approved.  Upon notice to the supervisor unused compensatory time may be carried over to the following calendar year.  However, any compensatory time carried over must be used by the end of the following calendar year.

Upon the approval of the request by the appropriate Vice President, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to schedule the time to be used and maintain records of compensatory time balances with copy to the employee (excluding the holidays designated for compensatory time which will be recorded on the bi-weekly leave records).  Use of compensatory time must be approved in advance by the first level supervisor.

The University shall credit alternate time off upon internal transfer of an employee.

This policy shall expire one year after its effective date.  It is not an employment precedent nor a basis for any employment or workplace related rights.  Any accrued compensatory time remaining when this policy expires shall remain available for use by AFT employees in the “NL” category of employment until they are used or extinguished as if this policy were still in effect.  


Compensatory time – leave time in lieu of cash payment afforded to employees on an hour by hour basis for work done as an extension of the regular work day under extraordinary conditions provided the appropriate Vice President is given a request and explanation in advance of the work assignment and grants prior approval for the work assignment and time.  It also includes leave time afforded to employees on an hour for hour basis when they are required to work on a regular scheduled day off.  For those with Monday through Friday schedules this means Saturday, Sunday or a holiday.

NL (No Limit) Employees–According to New Jersey Annotated Code, NJAC 4A:6-2.3 (b) (1), “Non-limited titles are those titles having irregular or variable working hours. Such titles shall be designated as follows:
Non-Limited (NL) titles are those titles in which employees work at least a 35 hour work week with occasional requirements for a longer workweek to complete projects or assignments.”
Flexible work schedule – a work schedule where the actual hours worked vary in order to meet the position’s work requirements.  For example, an employee in the Advisement Office may work an 8:30AM to 4:30 PM schedule four days per week and come in one day from 1:00PM until 9:00PM to accommodate evening students.