New Jersey City University
Tuition Waiver Program for Dependent Children of Full-time Employees

A.    General Program Description

The tuition waiver program provides partial waiver of tuition costs at New Jersey City University for eligible dependent children of full-time University employees.

To receive this waiver the student must fulfill the academic and administrative requirements for admission, apply for all available State and Federal grants and scholarships, and receive a passing grade. Waivers apply to tuition only. If the student does not receive a passing grade for the course (s) for which the waiver has been granted, reimbursement to the University for all waived costs for that course (s) will be required. Until this is completed no other waivers will be granted.

All fees and additional charges are the responsibility of the student. If a parent dies while employed in an eligible position and if the student was admitted or enrolled at the time of the parentís death, the student will be eligible until completion of the baccalaureate degree.

Students who are eligible for tuition waivers will not be counted in the Universityís decision to determine whether a particular class will run or not.

B.     Definition of Dependent Children

Children (biological, legally adopted, or legal wards) of full-time employees who do not meet the qualifications for independent student status. Independent student status is defined as follows: the child is 24 years or older, the child is married, the child is a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, and/or the child is a graduate student.

C.    Employee Requirements

Full-time permanent employees are those employees who have worked full-time for a minimum of one year prior to the start of the first day of the semester. Faculty members must be in tenure track positions. Unclassified employees must be eligible for reappointment consideration in one-year or multi-year contracts. Classified provisional employees or employees in their initial working test period are not eligible. Employees must remain in active full-time status. If the employee fails to maintain active full-time status, the tuition waiver will cease at the end of the academic semester in which his/her status changed.

D.    Dependent Children Requirements

Dependent children must be completing their first baccalaureate degree. Tuition waivers are for Fall and Spring semesters only. Summer sessions are not included. Student must submit a FAFSA form. Tuition waiver for dependent child must be submitted each semester. The student and employee must meet all eligibility requirements for that semester.


E. Amount of Waiver for Dependent Children

The University will waive 40% of tuition not covered by scholarships and/or grants for programs leading to the first baccalaureate degree up to a maximum of the total number of credits required for completion. In no case will tuition remission be granted beyond twelve semesters or the number of credits required for completion of the program.