MSU Local 1904

NL Agreement



    Members of the bargaining unit who are not full-time teaching faculty and whose professional responsibilities require a variable work pattern, were formerly categorized by Civil Service regulations as serving in "NL" (non-limited) titles.

        8.13.1 WORKLOADS

        The University and the Union recognize that such employees should be assured reasonable workload assignments and appropriate compensatory time off when their variable work pattern results in time worked significantly beyond the ordinary work week. To that end the University and the Union agree that:

        8.13.2 USUAL WORK WEEK

        Past practice at Montclair State University ordinarily defines the usual work week of NL employees as thirty-five (35) hours distributed over no more than five (5) days. There are occasions when the time required to meet the usual work expectations of the position will extend beyond these usual hours and times.


   When the work requirement is significantly beyond the usual hours for a given position, the supervisor will inform the employee of the expectation.

   Whenever possible, the supervisor will inform the employee ten (10) working days prior to the need for work beyond the ordinary work week.

   Otherwise, the supervisor will inform the employee as soon as possible prior to the need for work beyond the ordinary work week.

   When the work extends to any part of a day outside the usual work schedule for that position, the employee will be assured of a minimum of one-half day of such work.


   Prior to working such time, the employee will arrange for compensatory time off for such work for the approval of the supervisor.

   Such compensatory time off should approximate the number of hours worked but need not necessarily be an hour for hour compensation.

   If the employee and his or her supervisor cannot agree informally on a plan for compensatory time off, the employee will present the supervisor with a written plan for compensatory time off.

   The supervisor must provide an explanation in writing for any rejection of the employee's written plan for compensatory time off.

   This written explanation must be provided within three (3) days of receipt of the employee's plan.

   The employee may appeal a rejection of his or her plan to the next higher level supervisor and, if necessary, to the President or his or her designee.


        Compensatory time off must be taken within sixty (60) days after the unusual work time was expended unless otherwise agreed to by the employee and his or her immediate supervisor.

   In the event that the sixty (60) day limit requires that compensatory time off be taken during a period when the office workload is heavy, such compensatory time off may be postponed to a period when the workload is lighter.

   However, compensatory time off must be taken within one (1) year from the time the unusual work pattern occurred.

         8.13.6 RATIFICATION

        For current employees, the provisions of this agreement are effective immediately upon its ratification.


        A copy of this agreement will be provided to future NL employees at the time of their appointment.