Full/part-time unit


  • You have been not recommended for reappointment or promotion by a department, School or College/University-wide committee.
  • You are having difficulties with your supervisor, department chair or Dean which may have an impact on your recontracting or promotion - the Union can offer assistance to resolve problems and secure your rights.
  • You have received a letter from a college/university official criticizing your performance – the Union will assist you in securing your rights.
  • You believe your salary, increments, or workload are not being properly calculated or that college/university policies are being unfairly or inequitably applied – you may have a grievance.
  • You believe you have been discriminated against because of your age, sex, marital status, race, color, creed, national origin, physical handicap, political or union activity or sexual orientation - - you may have a grievance and/or Civil Rights complaint.
  • You are the subject of sexual harassment or have been accused of sexual harassment - - the Union can advise you of your rights and familiarize you with procedures that are to be followed.
  • You have been discouraged by a supervisor or other member of management from seeking Union assistance - you may be the victim of an unfair labor practice.
  • You believe you are about to be disciplined – you have the right to union representation in such situations.
  • You are not in the AFT unit and think you should be – the Union may be able to file a petition with the Public Employment Relations Commission to secure your inclusion in the bargaining unit.
  • You have questions about or problems with your pension coverage or health benefits – the Union will attempt to resolve the problem for you.
  • You are seriously ill and may need to use long-term disability - the Union can provide information and assistance in securing this benefit.
  • You are injured at work – you will need to know the rules and time limits for filings Workers’ Compensation and or Sick Leave Injury so that you do not lose these benefits.
  • You have been asked to “volunteer” for an activity which is not part of your normal duties – you may be entitled to extra pay and you may lose benefits if you are injured while “volunteering.”
  • You believe that your position should be reclassified - the Union can advise you as to procedures and strategies.

If you have any of the problems described above, you should immediately contact your grievance chairperson or local president.  If you cannot contact them within 2-3 days, call the Council office at 908-964-8476. DO NOT DELAY. YOU MAY FORFEIT THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE ACTION TO SECURE YOUR RIGHTS.